We provide internet access and WiFi for Events, Conferences and Tourists

Mobile WiFi for business and tourists in Cape Town

Hire a mobile hotspot and WLAN from MobileWiFi.

Wireless router rentals in Cape Town. We will set up a Wi-Fi Hotspot instantly for you.

Wireless WiFi router rentals is using the fastest South African broadband networks.

Rent a MobileWiFi wireless broadband gateway or a Pocket Router for your next event, training, workshop, conference or holidays in Cape Town. We set up a Wi-Fi network for you in minutes so you and others can easily access the Internet at high speed.

No electricity? No problem! Our WiFi Hotspots are running on battery power and they don’t need Telkom landlines.

You want to stay in touch while traveling in South Africa? We deliver a fully configured mobile router to your Hotel or Guesthouse. Easy to carry around and working nearly anywhere in South Africa.

Your Telkom line is down or you are waiting for installation? With a Mobile Hotspot you can have Internet access while you wait for Telkom(Good Luck).

Contact us today to ask about our wireless and Wi-Fi network rentals.

We are Your Partner for 3G/LTE wireless WiFi network hire in Cape Town.

Please note that currently WiFi hiring is only available in the greater Cape Town area.