MobileWiFi and WiFi Hotspots rental for Events, Conferences and Tourists

Hire a mobile Hotspot and WLAN from Mobile WiFi.

Wifi rental in Cape Town. A Wi-Fi Hotspot instantly set up for you.

We are using the fastest South African broadband networks with the best coverage.

Rent a MobileWiFi wireless broadband Industrial Router or a Pocket Router for your next event, training, workshop, conference or holidays in Cape Town.

You want to stay in touch while traveling in South Africa?
Get a fully configured mobile router delivered to your Hotel, Guesthouse or Airbnb. Easy to carry around in your pocket and working nearly anywhere in South Africa.

Your Telkom line is down or you are waiting for installation?
With a Mobile Hotspot you can have Internet access while you wait for you landline or fibre connection.

Please note that WiFi hiring is currently only available in the greater Cape Town area.

About Free Wifi and buying a SIM card in Cape Town

There are so called free Wifi Hotspots in Cape Town and if you wish you can buy your own SIM card as well.

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