Since 2010 MobileWifi offers wireless and portable internet access solutions to Businesses, Tourists and for Events.

Access to the internet nowadays is crucial. Wherever you are, whatever you do. No matter if need connectivity for an event, business or while you travel in South Africa.

We are filling the gap of no access while you are on the move or in places without wired access. No matter how you move walking, car, bus or anywhere out there in the field …
While visiting South Africa we keep you in touch with your family and business at home.
Providing internet where you don’t expect it but need it.

Access the internet at highest speeds from anywhere.

We plan and customize the perfectly suited mobile internet solution for you.

Need to connect credit card machines ?
Having a business meeting and no internet connection ?

Want to make sure you can access the internet during load shedding?
Need high speed internet?
We provide mobile internet hotspot connectivity solutions for you.

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