Frequently asked questions about Mobile WiFi in South Africa

What is your Covid19 policy?

All our devices and accessories are disinfected before we hand them over to you.

Our delivery personnel is vaccinated and tested regularly.
They wear masks over mouth and nose at all times while communicating with clients

  • Strict hygiene and safety measures are in place to help protect clients as far as possible.
  • Clients are asked to make use of disinfectant spray bottles supplied by us when devices are
    delivered or collected. 


Is the data included in the daily rental fee?
No. The rental fee is solely for the device.
What if I run out of data?
We monitor your data usage and should you run low we can load more data for you.
What are the speeds?
The speed of the WiFi depends on the coverage. In urban areas with LTE you can expect speeds up to 30 Mbps and more.
Along the main roads and in rural areas you can expect between 2 and 10 Mbps.
Do I have to pay the deposit in SA Rand?
No. You can pay the deposit in EUR, US$ or Pound. We return the deposit in the same currency as you paid it.
Do you offer this service in other South African Cities
Unfortunately we only offer this service in the greater Cape Town area. Mailing back a device from Johannesburg for example is not possible.
What is the minimum rental fee
The minimum rental is 3 days equivalent to 117.00 ZAR.
Do you deliver and collect to Cape Town Airport
Yes we do! However there is a fee of 190.00 ZAR per trip.
Do you offer uncapped data?
Unfortunately there are no uncapped data packages available on mobile broadband in South Africa.
How do I buy a SIM card in South Africa
Please read our article about buying a SIM card in South Africa.
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