We provide mobile internet access and pocket WiFi rental while you travel in South Africa.

Internet Hotspots for Cape Town visitors.

Pocket Wifi rentals for Tourists in Cape Town

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to stay connected.

Hire a mobile hotspot from MobileWiFi

Wireless pocket router rentals for Tourists and Business Travelers.

WiFi pocket modem rentals using only the fastest South African broadband networks.

Why rent from MobileWifi?

Compared to the rest of the World data (especially mobile data) in South Africa is extremely expensive. For this reason you will struggle to find truly free and fast free Wifi in Cape Town. Even in Hotels and Guesthouses there are speed limiters and data usage caps on unpaid internet services.

Your advantages with a mobile pocket router from MobileWifi:
Keep your own SIM card in your phone.
✔ Be available for colleagues, family and friends under your own number.
✔ Use local data to access the internet and save a lot of money
Avoid roaming costs.
Make and receive Whatsapp and Skype calls
Share your Wifi with up to 10 Travel companions

How does it work?

We deliver a fully configured mobile and portable Hotspot to your Hotel, Airbnb or Guesthouse in Cape Town. Starting from R 39.00 per day only(excl. data). Up to 10 devices can connect to your very own Wifi network.
When booking your device you choose how much data we shall pre-load for you. Should you run out of data during the rental period, just send us an email or a Whatsapp message and we top up your data.

Our prices for mobile data change regularly because we always try to give the best value for money to you. Should a broadband provider put a special on we will hand down the cheaper prices for data to our valued clients. Promise!


Our prices are lower than if you buy your own SIM card.
Found it cheaper? We beat the price!
The data is valid for the rental period.
You can top up at any time.
No throttling, shaping or speed limiters.

Send us an enquiry – we have awesome data specials at any time.
Data prices are volatile and we reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.
High season is from November to February, so please book your device well in advance.

Contact us now to book your mobile Hotspot

Avoid the hassle of buying a SIM card in South Africa.

By all means you can just buy yourself a SA SIM card and load it with data. SIM cards are available in Provider Outlets(Vodacom, MTN, CellC) and Supermarkets. However make sure you find someone competent to help you with that and don’t forget your passport. Don’t be in hurry. Sometimes the queues are long and the service is slow. Find out more.

Free Wifi in Cape Town – What is the situation?

Are there free Hotspots available in town?
More information about the connectivity in Guesthouses and Hotels as well as the general situation if it comes to access the internet.
Find out more.

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