Free Wifi Hotspots in Cape Town 2019

Cape Town is one of the biggest tourist magnet in the World. Millions of tourists are visiting the Mother City every year.

Nowadays we all need or want to stay connected no matter where we are on planet earth. Internet connectivity is one of the most important requirements for tourists and business travelers.

Social media, image uploads, emails, navigating, booking accommodation and transport, retrieving local information are only a few things where the internet makes traveling just more convenient.

Roaming costs are expensive and everyone is looking for a cheap way to connect to the world wide web.

So what is the free internet situation in Cape Town?

Well certainly not as good as in European cities or in the US.

There are free public Hotspots however the speed of them is rather slow and there are data limits. [Update Nov 2019 – These Hotspots have silently disappeared] The second option are coffee shops and restaurants with free wifi. Some of them are offering quite fast connections others are hardly fast enough to check your emails.
Here you can read more about the free Wifi in coffee shops.

One thing is surely impossible to do and that is internet based navigation in and around the city.

Further on please always keep in mind that these free offerings should not be used for sensitive data or internet banking.

We have put together a list of free wifi hotspots in Cape Town for you.

Should you want to stay connected anywhere, anytime with highest speeds and at affordable rates just send us an enquiry.

Cape Town Travel recommendations for free internet.

Business Insider list of free internet coffee shops in Cape Town.

City of Cape Town free public Hotspots.

Wifi at the Cape Town Airport.

Happy surfing in Cape Town 🙂


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